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The Importance of Favicons and How to Make Them


Those who have spent years working with internet marketing are aware that little things can make a huge difference. Especially if you are in a competitive niche with little room to maneuver. 

Whenever someone who is unfamiliar with the industry starts working, it does not take a long time to experience this epiphany. But it is worth pointing out that even some of the most experienced entrepreneurs can miss certain aspects.

A favicon is a perfect example. Most people are probably unaware of what it is to begin with, not to mention using it effectively and making the most out of what it has to offer, despite appearing to be such a trivial thing.


The term itself is an abridged version of “favorites icon”. At first, these images, or icons, were used to distinguish various pages that you favorite. Now we used “bookmark” for the same thing. As time passed, favicons changed and now you see them on the left side of the browser, whenever there is a website open. Most websites on the internet have a favicon.

Creating One

Before we dive into why it is worth discussing how. In other words, creating a favicon. You can find a list of online favicon generators which eliminates quite a lot of problems that might occur.

Some people are probably asking whether a custom-made favicon is worth the resources in the first place. There is no definitive answer to that, but if you are serious about establishing your brand and improve the overall quality of your website, you should get one without a moment’s hesitation.

You have two options – creating everything yourself or hiring someone who can do the work for you.

Keep in mind that favicons are very small and you do not need to add a lot of details to it. The more minimalistic it is, the better. 

You should look at the most recognizable brands out there for some inspiration. Perhaps it could be the initials of your company, or maybe a play on colors, creating something recognizable.

Your brand should have a logo, and you can see plenty of businesses incorporating it as a favicon and using it without even bothering to create something completely new.

It Makes Life Easier

Those who spend their time on the internet regularly should be aware that favicons exist, even if they do not know the name for them. Getting accustomed to something and suddenly not seeing it on the next website you visit can really mess with one’s understanding.

Our brain processes images faster than words. When there are multiple tabs open, it is usually the favicon that people look at instead of what is written when they want to go to their desired website. So if there is a blank space on the top left corner of the tab, it means that the person responsible is doing his or her job wrong.


It is all about credibility and raising brand awareness these days. Businesses hire influencers and do everything in their power to spread the word about their company. 

Whenever someone visits your website for the first time, they will have certain expectations. Great design and available content go a long way, but the attention span of an average person on the internet is not that big. Thus, you need a way to make them stay just a tiny bit longer.

It takes time to build credibility and you have to do absolutely everything to accomplish this goal. Sure, every business has different needs, but the customer is a priority for everyone, correct?

A favicon might seem like an insignificant gesture, but it still shows that you care enough to add it. Showcase your professionalism and build up some momentum from here.

Brand Awareness

It is not just influencers, social media, and ads on search engines. A recognizable logo, or, in this case, a favicon will do you as much good as any other method when you are looking to add more weight to your brand and get it recognized by as many individuals as possible.

Think about the biggest companies in the world like McDonald’s, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and so on. Whenever we see their logo or visit a website and see that there is a favicon at the top left corner, we recognize it. Reaching this point is the pinnacle for any business, and you should aim for that from the get-go.

As you can see, there is absolutely no reason why one should refrain from getting a favicon for their brand. It is easy to design and does wonders for every business that is looking to establish themselves.


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