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The “Notch” : Everything you need to know


If anything surpassed the criticism of the USA elections, it’s the “Notch”. Firstly, used on the Essential Phone, then on the newest Iphone by Apple, the Iphone X, the notch has been in craze ever since. Some people like it as well as some don’t, while some don’t care. Notch altogether brought another wave in the smartphone industry. On the pursuit of bezel-lessness, it was used, and it did make a difference.

Bringing in a new screen resolution with a really high screen to body ratio. Many folks preferred chin instead of notch, but others like high screen to body ratio. Although after Iphone X, most of the smartphones giant have released according to the trend. Phones like Vivo V9, Mi 8, Lg G7, and many other follow up the trend.



Due to the craze of bezel less design, phone industry started transforming itself. The fingerprint started shifting behind, on-screen buttons are old fashion now, curved screen sank in. Every phone just featured a lower and upper chin with the sole purpose to maximize the screen to body ratio as much as one can. Giving birth to a new trend, the Notch.

Notch was first seen on an Andy Rubin’s Essential phone, then on Iphone X which officially gave birth to a lot of criticism but also to a new era of trend. It had front camera mainly focused for face ID an 3D mapping, turned out to be a big failure. Although it separated the Iphone from the other phones. Soon enough Asus zenfone 5 copied the trend, getting criticized around the globe, little did they know it was just the start. Phones featuring the notch started rolling out. Huawei P series, Vivo V9 series, Oneplus 6, Oppo A3, Nokia X6, Lg G7, Mi 8 and a tons of phone launched with it. Every company adopted it in the name of futuristic design, the pursuit of bezel less designs.

Maybe this trend will wash out in some time to gain 100% screen to body ratio. The initiation has been done by the futuristic design of “Oppo Find X”. Let’s see its uses and possibility of its compensationHighest screen to body ratio

Uses of the Notch

The versatility of it with the perk of bezel-lessness is something worthwhile, let’s have a look –

  • First of all, the core use of it was a high screen to body ratio. It resulted in cut down of chin, compiling everything within. For notch haters, software’s have been designed to hide it.
  • It is like a mini store room for all the sensors and camera jam-packed. Sensors like infrared, face mapping, proximity sensors and all the other sensors clustered into a small space with utmost care, gave birth to the Notch. Making it the most important use.
  • It separates an era of smartphone from other. You may like it or hate it, but it sure gave birth to a new era of smartphones and it serves the purpose of making the new phones stand out and more noticeable.

As for the current trend, the notch won’t stay in the long run as new technologies are designed everyday as well as phones like Oppo Find X have shown the world a way to get rid of it. To all the haters, it’s a new horizon. As for the Notch lovers, sit tight people because this tech battle will make you fall in love over and over again.

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