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The Three Best Apps to Install on Your Amazon Fire Stick


The Amazon Fire Stick is a great piece of tech. Slightly larger than a typical thumb drive, you can use it in place of a computer to stream movies, music, television, and more. Once you connect it to the HDMI port on a TV, you can use it in both your home as well as on the road; take it on a trip so you can access all of your saved videos and content from the comfort of your hotel suite.

Because there are hundreds of apps available from Amazon, and thousands more thanks to the Android operating system running the device (if you know how to load them), your viewing and listening enjoyment can extend nearly infinitely.

Here you will discover what many Fire Stick users consider to be the top apps to put onto your device.


Everyone has heard of Firefox. It is one of the biggest names in web browsers for PCs. Well, it is also available to install onto your Fire Stick. Because Firefox is open source, it is constantly being updated to perform better as well as give you more options in terms of customization.

Since Google Chrome is not available for the Fire Stick, this browser is the best one available to connect to the Internet. You will need this to watch video content from services like Vimeo or YouTube. Also, it’s nice to have access to the Internet without having to lug around a laptop with you while you go on vacation.


Kodi is arguably the best content streaming app available. Like Firefox, there are a lot of options to customize this app’s appearance and function. Unfortunately, Kodi is not available through Amazon’s Appstore. This is because Kodi gains you access to a much wider range of content beyond what you have purchased through Amazon or the material you have uploaded to your Amazon account.

There are concerns about Kodi allowing you to access content from other countries. Some countries and areas of the world do not permit Internet users from accessing content outside of their geographical control, so using Kodi can possibly cause the user some legal issues in these regions.

TuneIn Radio

When you get tired of watching your TV shows or movies, or if you need to focus on cooking or cleaning, tune into TuneIn Radio. This app allows you to listen to hundreds of thousands of radio stations, not just in the US but from all corners of the world. Compared to other radio and music streaming apps, TuneIn is completely free, no subscription needed.

Your choice of music is infinite. Hip Hop, R&B, Classical, movie soundtracks, and more can be found through this app. Not only does TuneIn Radio offer music channels, but there are also talk stations and sports to choose from. Pick a station, turn up your surround sound speakers, and lay back and relax to some tunes or sports commentary.


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