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How to Track and Restore unsaved Excel files


It is not a catastrophe if you accidentally closed an Excel workbook before saving.
If the automatic backup of Excel is active, the missed files can be quickly restored.
The automatic backup should be enabled by default in the newer Office versions.

To check it, open the “File” menu and go down to the “Excel” options in the left column via the button “Options”. Subsequently, you will come to the ”Save workbooks” area via the “Save” button. Set a check mark here for the option “Save auto-recovery information”.

How to Track and Restore unsaved Excel files

To increase the security, set the saving interval to a low value, for example to “5” or “3”, in the “Minutes” field. If the automatic saving in Excel is not active then go to the menu command “File | Open” and select the option “Recent”.

How to Track and Restore unsaved Excel files

Then press the button “Recover unsaved workbooks”, select the missing file and then click on “Open”. The last hope of rescuing an unsaved file is the temporary
folder. In Explorer, go to the following path:


Enter your own username after C:\Users\

If you come across the disappeared file in this place, you can open it by double-clicking
on it and saving it at the location provided.

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Hope my article “How to Track and Restore unsaved Excel files” helps you to Track and Restore unsaved Excel files. if you have any query, feel free to comment.


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