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What Can You Do With Two Factor Authentication Solutions?


Security is one of the most crucial matters for any business, whether it be physical security or security for the sensitive information that they handle. With the rise of the digital age, there is a lot more info that we would like to keep secured, from our online passwords to the numbers on our bank cards.

Unfortunately, the internet isn’t as secure as we would like to think, and there are times when our info is in jeopardy. It is our responsibility to do everything we can to ensure that our data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, but the risk is greatly amplified for businesses and companies.

A business will also have the information of their clients, so they can prove to be valuable data repositories for hackers and others who want to gain illegitimate access. We’re going to take a look at how two factor authentication solutions can help in these situations, as they can greatly improve security.

What is Two Factor Authentication?

Whenever you log into a website, they tend to ask you for your username and password, which is a form of single-factor authentication, as it uses only your password to confirm your identity. Two factor authentication adds another method of identifying you into the mix, improving security.

By far, the most common form of two factor authentication uses a mobile app synced to your account which provides you with a unique number valid for a short period. Of course, there are other kinds of two factor authentication, but they are often used for more advanced applications.

What Does Two Factor Authentication Do?

Improved Security

Of course, the main benefit of two factor authentication is that it helps enhance the security of a business. The need for the second PIN means that someone will need access to both a password and a mobile device belonging to the owner of the account so that they can hack their account.

While this may benefit an individual when their personal account gets hacked, two factor authentication also helps protect the business if it’s an employee who is being hacked. Without two factor authentication, it may be to easy for someone to access a company’s intranet without permission.

Employee Tracking

Another benefit to two-factor authentication is that you can use it to keep track of which employee is accessing what, as their authentication codes will be unique to them. Implementing a two factor authentication system alongside an employee monitoring program will make the job much simpler.

There are often times when shared logins may not allow a supervisor to see who is accessing a particular file, but due to the unique nature of two factor authentication PINs, that is not an issue. While tracking may be a secondary consideration, it still greatly improves security.


Two factor authentication may seem like it adds an unnecessary extra step to the process of logging in, but the added security is worth it. In the end, make sure to choose a reliable two factor solution so that it won’t end up compromised.


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