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Top Five Websites To Download Free PC Software


People use laptops and desktops to carry on various types of work as well as entertainment. In order to work, people need various software applications which can be related to text, images, animations, and many others. Some software applications are paid while others are available for free. There are some websites which provide ample number of free software applications.

Overview Of Website To Download Free PC Software


Getintopc is considered as one of the best websites to provide free software applications for various purposes. The software that the site provides are operating systems, 3D  CAD, Graphic design,  multimedia, anti viruses etc. The website also provides the keys in order to install the full version of the software. The website is user-friendly and users can get almost all types of software from here.Click On The Link To Visit This Website https://www.getintopcn.com

You Can Download Famous PC Software Like Microsoft Office, Getintopc Windows 7 And Many More Software For Free.


Brother soft is a website providing all kinds of software to be installed on a desktop or laptop. The website has huge library of various software applications like utility tools, security tools, development tools, games and many others. The software applications are also updated on a regular basis if any updates are provided by the company.


Ninite is a website from where users can download many applications of their choice. The website has a big collection of various software applications like Google Chrome, VLC, and many others. In order to install the software, you have to click the checkboxes, go to the bottom of the page, and click the Get installer button.

The installer will be downloaded. The user can click the installer to install all the software applications. There is neither wizard while installing the installer nor any wizard for the software.


This website has a big collection of software applications that can be installed on Windows operating system. Besides these, commercial software applications are also available on the site. This is a user-friendly site where people will not find any adware or any other irritating things.

The homepage of the site has a list of new software applications arranged in chronological order.  The list also has the name of the operating system for which they have been developed. There are two lists on the home page. The list on the left has product categories while the list on the right is the list of top downloads.


DonationCoder is a website that is free from any adware. The site has two main parts, software applications and user forum. Users can find the links of various software applications. The one drawback of the website is that there is no central index and users have to explore a lot in order to find the desired software.


FIleHorse is a website that has ample amount of software applications available for free. The software applications are available for Windows and Mac operating systems. The applications have been sorted into categories.

Reviews say that around five million people visit the site monthly. Users can find updates of various applications daily along with user-friendly interface.


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