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What is Internet of things Based Home Automation


What is Internet of things based Home Automation:-

The concept of Internet of Things (IoT) is to make our lives easier by making everything around us smart. With IoT becoming a reality, we are going to have smart cars, smart cities, smart hospitals and not to forget our smart homes.

The concept of smart home is that you can interact and control everything at your home in new and different ways. Here are few examples of how smart homes will look like.

Your home thermostat will adjust itself to a suitable temperature just before you arrive at your home and will automatically switch itself off as soon as you leave your home. This will not only help in saving energy but also frees you from the worry of switching off electronics appliances as you are leaving your home.

Your home security system can recognize you from your biometric data and only you are allowed to pass through your home security system. You no more need keys and heavy locks to keep your home safe. Your home security system will also send you an alert, in case anything suspicious happens at your home.

These are just a few scenarios, there are hundreds of scenarios in which your IoT based home devices will be working. It will be an altogether new world.

Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen

What is the Internet of things Based Home Automation

The discussion for IoT based Home Automation will remain incomplete unless we discuss ‘Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen‘. It’s a smart device rolled out by Amazon. Based on Alexa voice service, it’s your new smart companion at home. Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen is most popular currently in use smart device that’s making home automation a reality. It’s a small device and can be placed anywhere in the room.


To use this device you simply need to add ‘Alexa‘ before every command. To check current weather, you have to say ‘Alexa! what’s the weather?‘. A complete list of tasks that this smart device can do is too long to fit here. Some of Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen functions are to play your favorite music, set alarms, and reminders, make phone calls for you, read the latest news etc.

This device has a contribution in home automation as well, it has the ability to integrate with your home appliances, so you can turn lights on and off, set thermostat according to your choice, all this is done by just calling ‘Alexa’.

IoT, Home Automation, and Social Criticism

With so many advantages, it’s also important to mention that IoT based home automation is facing severe criticism as its spying our homes 24-7-365. Data is the main currency upon which the whole empire of IoT stands and all companies providing home automation devices need your private data for storing and processing purpose, none of us want to share our personal data with any third party.

IoT based home automation can only be successful if architects and engineers of home automation products can answer all the question related to user privacy. Engineers are working day and night to find answers to these valid concerns in order to make it a success story.

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