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What you can do as an NCAA athlete to pass a drug test


One of an athlete’s biggest fears is a failed drug test. Not only can it ruin your reputation, but the consequences can also be punitive and career ruining. The worst part is that such tests are done randomly, and catch the athlete unawares. Luckily, it’s not all doom and gloom for athletes.

There are several strategies that an athlete can employ, and increase their chances of passing a drug test, without giving up on the fun. To help you out, here is what to do as an NCAA athlete to pass a drug test.

  1. Take advantage of synthetic urine

One of the most common drug tests is the urine test. If you have taken some drugs and are likely to fail a urine test, go for synthetic urine. While there are many low-quality ones in the market, which could get you in trouble, there also exist some really good ones. For instance, Quick Fix has a very good reputation when it comes to urine tests.

One of its advantages is that it comes pre-mixed. This means you don’t have to risk mixing it by yourself, and probably messing up. It also comes packed with a urine heating pad to make the urine look, and feel, as authentic as possible. It also has very clear instructions on what to do, in order to get the results, you want.

Most importantly, Quick Fix is unisex. As such, you don’t have to worry that the tests may sell you out, by returning a gender mismatch. It is a savior for athletes, especially when that single test can totally alter the direction of your athlete career for good.

  1. Take lots of water

Taking lots of water can help neutralize the drug in your urine. The only challenge is that most tests will require you to test again when your hydration levels are back to normal. However, the good thing is that, by the time you take the next test, the drug will most likely have left your system. Most drugs, unless you are taking really hard ones, don’t last in your system for long, and if you can use water to buy time, you can pass the test.

But there is a caveat. Once you use this technique, make sure to stay off drugs for some time. That’s; because excessive hydration could get you flagged for more random tests in the future. As such, if you repeat the mistake of using drugs, a random test can catch you unawares and lead to disqualification.

  1. Intense workouts

If you take drugs, and want to beat the system, combine an intense workout with lots of water intake. Combining these two steps hastens the speed at which drugs get out of the system, and increase your odds of passing the test.

However, having Quick Fix synthetic urine nearby is always the best bet to passing such tests. You would rather bet on clean synthetic urine, than gamble with possible drug traces in your urine.


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