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Top 5 Way to Use Windows 10 Switch User Options


For Windows users, you may have to go back and forth between users, understanding Windows 10 switch user options will give some needed flexibility to your work.

There are many obvious reasons why one may have multiple user accounts created on one computer. One of the most common reasons is user preferences. Some users may be interested in some areas or fields that others are not.

Some users also should not be able to view the kind of content other users may be ok with viewing. Whatever the reason is, customizing the desktop to suit a user need makes the Windows 10 experience more meaningful.

In this article, I will explore the different Windows 10 switch user options available to you.

Options for Windows 10 Switch user

1. User Icon

This is about the most traditional way to perform a Windows 10 switch user. Just click on the start menu, hover on the left-most pane.

At the top of the icons on that pane, there will be one with bearing the name of the current user. Click on it.

This will reveal new options. At the bottom of the options, just below “Sign out” option, the other user accounts will be displayed. Click on one that you want to log into.


Doing this takes you to the Window you get when booing you computer, from where you can click on a user, input the password if it has one and you are logged in.

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2. Shut Down Windows dialog

This is another sleek way of performing a Windows 10 switch user.

Use hotkey ALT + F4. This will open the windows 10 shutdown dialog. from the dropdown list, select the “switch user” option. Hit ok.


This once again takes you to the login screen you get during startup. here you could pick an account to log in to and input the credentials for the account.

3. Use Hotkey CTRL + ALT + DEL

This may be about the easiest way to switch users in Windows 10. Simply press CRTL + ALT + DEL on the keyboard at once. this immediately gives you a screen with “Lock”, “Switch user”, “Sign out”, “change a pas” and “Task Manager” options.

Pick the “Switch user” option. This opens the login screen and the user can pick what new user he needs to be logged into.

Windows 10 switch user

4. Using Hotkey CTRL + L

If you have already signed into Windows 10, one has the option to switch the user account by using the Windows 10 hotkey Windows+L on the keyboard.

Doing this locks the current user from the account and displays the login screen. Here a user can pick an account and sign into it.


Flexibility is one aim of every OS. Windows have tried to create more flexibility with each OS version rolled out. With the ability to easily switch to and fro user accounts, a user can feel comfortable having multiple accounts on one computer system.

From the list of Windows 10 switch user options, one can pick and choose which feels most fluid for them. I personally just juggle the different options as I have grown accustomed to them all over the years. Note that this list was made in no particular order.